/Al-Hammadi Unveils Plan to Develop e-Services for Students

Al-Hammadi Unveils Plan to Develop e-Services for Students

HE Dr Mohammed bin Abdul Wahed al-Hammadi, Minister of Education and Higher Education, unveiled a comprehensive plan to develop the system of e-services provided by the ministry to both students and parents, which ensures smooth flow in such services.

All public schools and kindergartens are ready to welcome students tomorrow as the new academic year starts, noting that all requirements are met and all inputs to the educational process are available, he affirmed to Al Rayah.

All schools are ready, and school books have been sent to the stores and delivered to the schools, HE the Minister said. Every year, the ministry assess its previous experience and works out solutions at the beginning of every academic year for the problems and challenges it faces, he added.

There is streamlining in the registration and transfer of teachers in a way much better than the previous years, HE the Minister further pointed out. We always learn from the lessons and challenges we face, and we draw the required plans to develop the educational process, he added.

Source: Government of Qatar