/MOEHE Provides Recorded Lessons on its YouTube Channel

MOEHE Provides Recorded Lessons on its YouTube Channel

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) in Qatar recently upgraded its YouTube Channel, adding a number of newly recorded lessons for all stages covering the first semester of the curriculum. The Channel aims to equip students with a set of recorded educational lessons that go in line with the standards of the national curriculum and digital lessons suitable for all students from Grade 3 till Grade 12, in an effort to enhance the academic abilities of students so that they could meet the objectives of school subjects.

The recorded lessons encourage students to study their subjects and revise them in an efficient and flexible approach. The lessons also provide parents the opportunity to become further involved and to directly oversee the student's ability to understand the exercises portrayed in the lessons. The number of recorded lessons uploaded on the Ministry's YouTube Channel has now reached approximately 1200 videos to date.

The E-Learning Program is an initiative launched by MOEHE to improve the educational system and to provide electronic services based on integrated digital technology to enhance the efforts of the Government of Qatar to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Source: Government of Qatar