/UAE submits official complaint to ICAO over Qatar jet interception incidents.

UAE submits official complaint to ICAO over Qatar jet interception incidents.

The UAE has filed a formal complaint with the International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO, following repeated incidents where Qatari fighter jets intercepted Emirati civilian aircraft during regular, scheduled flight paths.

Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the General Civil Aviation Authority, GCAA, said that the UAE had filed a detailed complaint as per Article No. 54 of the Chicago Convention, which takes into account the national interests of member states of the ICAO.

"These aggressive actions by Qatar against UAE civilian aircraft are considered as deliberate violations of international covenants and conventions governing civil aviation and are a threat to the safety of civil aviation. The UAE outright rejects these acts," he added.

Al Suwaidi noted that these provocations are unjustified, and place the safety of passengers and crew members at heightened risk.

The GCAA Director-General went on to say that ICAO would later determine the date in which parties will investigate the complaint.

Qatari fighter jets approached two UAE civilian aircraft during scheduled routine flights last week. In January, a similar incident occurred where Qatari military aircraft intercepted two other civilian planes, threatening the safety of passengers and crew, and violating international laws and conventions.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs