DANAT shines at Riyadh International Luxury Week with engaging seminars on pearls, gemstones

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) made a remarkable presence at the recent third edition of the " Riyadh International Luxury Week" event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. DANAT captivated attendees with four engaging seminars focused on geosciences and the art of acquiring pearls.

On the first day of the event, DANAT delivered two captivating seminars titled "How to Buy Gemstones/Jewelry" and "Natural Pearls – History and Testing Methods." The second day continued with two additional seminars, "Pearl Basics" and "Natural, Lab-grown & Imitation Diamonds." Throughout these sessions, DANAT shared insightful presentations showcasing their vast expertise and experiences in the realm of pearls and precious stones.

Noora Jamsheer, the CEO of DANAT, emphasized the significance of the Institute's participation in this international exhibition, showcasing its expertise in pearls, jewelry, and gemstones. The inclusion of scientific and educational sessions reflects DANAT's commitment to being actively present and highlighting the exceptional Bahraini experience on a global scale. This presence aims to promote the best practices in the development, extraction, examination, and trade of natural pearls, while shedding light on Bahrain's unique contributions.

Jamsheer emphasized that the "Riyadh International Luxury Week" serves as a strategic marketing opportunity, enabling entry into key markets in the region. As a vital platform for international, regional, and local companies, this event provides an ideal avenue to showcase and market their latest products and services to a broad audience within the Saudi market. Recognized as the largest and most significant market in the Middle East for jewelry, the Saudi market offers DANAT the chance to expand its presence in one of the largest markets globally.

The CEO of DANAT underscored the importance of international events, recognizing them as invaluable avenues for cultivating and strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic partnerships with esteemed customers, as well as prominent jewelry, watch, and gemstone houses on a global scale. By leveraging these dynamic platforms, DANAT not only facilitates the exchange of ideas and shared visions but also fosters the establishment of enduring relationships. Through such endeavors, DANAT strategically positions itself to enhance prospects for regional and global expansion, while concurrently intensifying the promotion and visibility of its exceptional offerings.

Source: Bahrain News Agency