HE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani warned against abandoning Afghanistan, stressing that isolation is not a solution, and that Engagement is the only way forward.

His Excellency said in a joint press conference with HE Secretary of State of the United States of America Antony Blinken, in Washington that the priority of the State of Qatar is to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches the Afghan people, especially with the approach of winter, adding that Qatar needs to make sure that facilitation of humanitarian assistance runs smoothly and urges and encourages the Taliban to live up to their commitments.

His Excellency explained that the State of Qatar is in constant consultation with the United States, noting that the two countries agree on the importance of meeting the needs of the Afghan people, ensuring their safety and protecting them from violence.

His Excellency pointed out that the State of Qatar places great emphasis on providing food supplies, medicines and health care services, and ensuring the continuity of schools in Afghanistan, adding that Qatar encourages the participation of international organizations in providing this aid, especially with the approach of winter.

His Excellency added that Qatar and the US must also ensure that the right people are evacuated. The State of Qatar assumes this responsibility by supervising the conduct of checks on evacuees from a security point of view. His Excellency underlined that some people could be accepted without their passports provided that they present their correct documents and Qatar is careful not to evacuate the wrong people who may harm others in other countries.

Regarding the inclusion of the Taliban in the sanctions lists, His Excellency said that this issue is not within Qatar competence. It's a Security Council decision that had its reasons at the time.

His Excellency added that Qatar believes that members of the Security Council constantly review it, but the State of Qatar has no role in that and encourages the international community to continue to engage with Afghanistan and not to abandon it.

On the possibility of the State of Qatar playing a mediating role in Ethiopia, His Excellency expressed Qatar's deep concern over the escalation there, considering that African stability is largely linked to our regional stability, and Qatar hope to see security and stability in the region.

His Excellency stressed that Qatar usually plays the mediation role after being requested by the two conflicting parties, Ethiopia has not yet asked Qatar, but Qatar are happy to assist in de-escalation efforts. The international community, including the United States, has been involved in these efforts, and Qatar would be happy to contribute as well.

His Excellency stressed that Qatar's position on normalization with the Assad regime is very clear and it is not an option, stressing the need to hold Assad accountable for the war crimes he committed against his people. His Excellency added that Qatar also support the pursuit of a political and a peaceful solution in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254, and Qatar hopes that all states will unite when it comes to Syria, but also commend states for undermining the misery the Syrian people continue to face, and that states take their own values into account when it comes to their relations with other states.

His Excellency continued, that Qatar's position will remain as it is, as Qatar do not see any serious steps taken by Assad regime to repair the damage caused to its country and people, and as a result, changing Qatar position is not a viable option.

His Excellency considered that the region's relationship with Iran depends on a unique set of dynamics, noting that Iran is a neighboring country and a good relationship with it must be maintained.

His Excellency underlined that Qatar relationship with Iran is not defined by Qatar alliance with the United States or others. However, Qatar uses this relationship to communicate with Iran and facilitate interaction with its allies.

His Excellency stressed that the State of Qatar encourages Iran and the United States not to escalate and return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

His Excellency added that Qatar disagree with Iran about different policies in the region, but this does not mean that Qatar will not deal with Iran, Qatar is trying to communicate in order to achieve stability in the region. It is neither in Qatar's interest nor in Iran's interest to have instability in the region, and Qatar wants to avoid entering into a nuclear race.

For his part, HE the US Secretary of State said that his country does not support normalization with the Assad regime.

HE US Secretary of State said that the US is concerned about the signals being sent by UAE officials' visits and interactions with Syria, and urges its partners not to forget the crimes committed by the Assad regime.

His Excellency urged US citizens to leave Afghanistan, adding that all parties have actively worked in evacuating family members of service staff, and this will continue while their identity is established.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs