/‘UAE-Peru Political Consultations Committee’ holds first meeting.

‘UAE-Peru Political Consultations Committee’ holds first meeting.

During its first meeting that was held yesterday at the General Diwan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the capital, Abu Dhabi, the 'UAE-Peru Political Consultations Committee' discussed the means of strengthening the cooperation and developing the bilateral relations between the UAE and Peru, which will help achieve their common interests.

Both sides also discussed several topics of mutual interest and exchanged opinions on several regional and international issues.

The Emirati delegation was headed by Dr. Al Saghira Al Ahbabi, Director of the American Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, while the Peruvian delegation was headed by Gustavo Otero Zapata, Director of Middle East, Africa and Gulf Countries Affairs at the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Al Ahbabi praised the improving relations between the two countries while affirming the interest of the UAE to strengthen and develop them, which reflects the ambitions and directives of the country's leadership.

Zapata stated that the relations between the two countries are being prioritised at the highest levels whole pointing out that Peru aims to strengthen their ties.

He also highlighted his country's desire to enhance its bilateral relations with the UAE and promote economic cooperation while praising the UAE's comprehensive development in the areas of politics, the economy, culture and society, which has made it a key economic and trade centre, a major destination for international and regional companies, and a leading centre of infrastructure, alternative energy and sustainable development.

Dr. Al Ahbabi called on Peru to benefit from the UAE's level of growth to promote cooperation and ensure its overall development, as well as to exchange official visits to benefit from the capacities of both countries, which will serve their future and strengthen the cultural, knowledge and humanitarian communication between their peoples.

He also highlighted the importance of the coordination between the two countries regarding regional and international issues of common interest, especially at the United Nations, UN, and its specialist agencies.

Both sides highlighted their national, regional and international efforts to counter terrorism and extremism, as well as to create successful solutions to the worsening crises in the region, which will strengthen regional and international security and stability.

At the end of the meeting, both sides stressed the necessity of expanding their joint bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs