/Inclusion of Semi-Government Visas at Qatar Visa Centers Abroad

Inclusion of Semi-Government Visas at Qatar Visa Centers Abroad

The Visa Support Services Department in the General Directorate of Passports, organized on Wednesday a seminar on the inclusion of semi-government visas in the Qatar visa centers abroad for officials of semi-government companies in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and presented by Major Abdullah Khalifa al Mohannadi, Director of the Visa Support Services Department.

Al Mohannadi said at the seminar that the move completes the set of processes required to bring in expats from abroad using the visa centers, which aims at simplifying the recruitment process in general, protecting and ensuring their rights, safety and facilitating all procedures for their entry into the country. In addition to auditing and documenting their recruitment process and speeding up their work under simplified, smooth and effective procedures.

He added that the first phase of this project is focusing on expats from eight countries that will host 20 centers including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, which we have started in the Republic of Sri Lanka. Al Mohannadi stressed that the private and semi-government companies should bring expats to Qatar through these visa centers in countries where centers have been opened and with the new e-mechanism.

Source: Government of Qatar