/165 e-service Through Sak Portal of MOJ

165 e-service Through Sak Portal of MOJ

Mohammed Al Abd Al Malik, head of the southern sector in the external service centers of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), confirmed that the number of daily transactions in the sector amounted to about 300 transactions. He pointed out that the number of e-services provided through Sak project is currently up to 165 fully operational, including authentication and real estate registration services.

Al Malik said that Sak project is one of the national projects sponsored by the government with the aim of developing real estate registration and authentication systems, converting them from traditional paper systems to modern e-systems. It also aims to develop these services and bring them closer to the public either through e-systems or through external centers of the Ministry. He explained that Sak gate is fully insured instrument and it's only required the user registration on Hukoomi Portal.

Source: Government of Qatar