The State of Qatar affirmed that the high-level political dialogue between the Iraqi and Qatari judiciaries is one of the fruits of the Global Program for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration to consolidate the rule of law and enhance the effectiveness of criminal justice systems.

The political dialogue between the two countries was held in Vienna today under the supervision of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in the presence of HE President of the Supreme Judiciary Council of the State of Qatar Dr. Hassan bin Lahdan Al Hassan Al Mohannadi and HE President of the Judicial Council of Iraq Judge Faik Zaidan.

Acting Charge d’Affairs at the Mission the State of Qatar to international organizations in Vienna Abdullah bin Nasser Al Fahid said that the activities of the Global Program are working to transform the recommendations of the Doha Declaration into practices on the ground to confirm our common commitment to support the effectiveness of criminal justice systems, their constituent institutions and their fairness, humanity and accountability.

He added that the projects of the Global Program for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration have succeeded since 2016 in developing mechanisms and approaches for the work of the UNODC. The program has developed new tools in the fields of training and capacity development within a strategy for making a long-term impact in combating crime and enhancing the readiness of member states, particularly developing countries and their response to organized crime, corruption, drugs and terrorism, building solid and transparent criminal justice systems and contributing to the implementation of the goals of the UN sustainable development plan 2030.

He pointed out that the State of Qatar is proud of its implementation of the Global Program that reached out to two and a half million people from one hundred and ninety countries, contributed to the development of criminal justice institutions and prison reform, and trained more than 1500 judges and prosecutors on issues of judicial integrity, in addition to other achievements in the field of education, youth and crime prevention.

Abdullah bin Nasser Al Fahid affirmed that the legacy of the Global Program for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration will remain alive and a catalyst for strengthening joint international action in combating crime and strengthening our criminal justice systems, calling on the UNODC to continue its efforts to further introduce this legacy as a model for effective, fruitful and fair cooperation between the office and the member states of the United Nations.


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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