NANNING, China, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On November 1, Guangxi Day for China Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai (“Guangxi Day”) with the theme of “Splendid Guangxi – Opportunity, Innovation and Cooperation” was officially opened and attended by Guangxi Chamber of International Commerce. The institution tries to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the business associations of the United Arab Emirates and those of other countries along the Belt and Road by means of Expo 2020 Dubai, so as to expand the “circle of friends” and the scope of business and help Guangxi open up to the outside world.

During the project-signing section of the opening ceremony, Guangxi Chamber of International Commerce signed a memorandum of cooperation with the East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. According to the memorandum of cooperation, the two sides have reached agreement of cooperation in the following subjects: promoting cooperation in trade and investment; actively sharing information on economy and trade, capacity cooperation and other aspects; participating in and supporting mutual trade and investment promotion activities such as trade exhibitions, business promotion and fairs, and building a platform and providing services for each other’s member companies to explore the international market and international operation; providing help and consulting services for mutual business investigation, visit, communication, training, etc. This is the first strategic partner of Guangxi Chamber of International Commerce in Africa and it will lay a solid foundation for strengthening cooperation with Africa.

Project-signing section

On the afternoon of October 26, 2021, the Second Council of the Sixth Session of Guangxi Chamber of International Commerce was held in Nanning, China. The meeting defined the direction of development and the priority of work of the organization in the next five years. One of the tasks in future is to consolidate the cooperation platform, strengthen foreign cooperation and provide policy consultation, commercial law and other services for member companies to “go global”; the organization is to organize member companies to visit foreign countries, to build more foreign exchange and cooperation bridges and business opportunity service channels for member enterprises, and to better expand the international market. The signing of this memorandum of cooperation is one of the practical measures taken to implement the spirit of the conference.

(The event is sponsored by CCPIT Guangxi Committee and organized by Guangxi CA Panorama Group)

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