/Awareness Campaign on Dangers of Technology on Children

Awareness Campaign on Dangers of Technology on Children

School Health Department affiliated with Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has launched a new awareness campaign on dangers that may afflict upon children and school students due to the extensive use of electronic devices and smart mobile phones. Director of PHCC School Health Department Dr. Layla al-Dahnaim has said that the campaign was launched yesterday and will continue for three months. The campaign mainly aims to sound the alarm and draw the attentions of fathers and mothers to the grave dangers that may inflict upon their sons and daughters regardless of child's age stage due to the excessive use of modern electronic devices. Moreover, the campaign targets all primary, intermediate and high school phases, and the campaign also targets all staffs in schools and parents.

She added that the School Health Department has completed all arrangements and preparations necessary for launching the campaign, including preparing necessary scientific materials and training nurses (males and females) in coordination with Behavioral Health Support Center.

During the campaign, several events will be conducted and provided. These, for example, include: Delivering lectures for targeted segments via the school health nursing, delivering lectures for some targeted schools by Behavioral Health Support Center staffs and conducting the media coverage of the event by different media with the aim of educating parents in this regard. This also includes targeting parents through periodic meetings that are held by school administrations for fathers and mothers and distributing purposeful leaflets within the framework of the campaign.

Source: Government of Qatar