An exceptional year in all its details, this is how 2020 was; it did not resemble other years, but was a year of challenge, and, in this spirit, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, specifically the Information Systems Department, dealt with it, to overcome the obstacles imposed by the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, the most prominent of which was the cessation of various activities. While countries were imposing social distancing and remote work policies, the Ministry of Culture was able to “automate” all its services by 100%, thus realizing the Government’s vision of “paperless ministries and clienless services”.

Mr. Bassam Al Yahri, Director of the Information Technology Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, stated that the technology sector has witnessed major booms in light of digital development, and the Ministry has made great efforts to support realizing the objectives of Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy, which had an important role in developing digital projects and achieving record steps in this field, as a strategy had been developed to promote digital projects for various internal sectors, including a number of goals related to digital transformation, open data, community participation, and achieving cybersecurity, which is in line with the Digital Government Strategy, whose goals also include ministries’ achievement of the principle of  “clientless services and paperless ministries”.


Source: Government of Qatar

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