Dr. Hamad Al Romaihi, the Manager of Health Protection and Communicable Disease Control Department at the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), disclosed yesterday the launch of an electronic system for tracking the recipients of Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. He explained that it would be important to receive the second dose of the vaccine within 21 days of receiving the first dose of the vaccine, and it would be possible to receive the dose before or after it two days later with the same effectiveness.

Dr. Al Romaihi said: “At the first stage, we will focus on the elderly people who are above 70, people with chronic diseases and medical staff.” He pointed out that MOPH is in contact with World Health Organization (WHO) to track the genetic mutation of COVID-19 that has recently emerged in Britain.

Dr. Al Romaihi added: “We are tracking the effects of the spread of the virus.” He pointed out that this mutation happening to the virus is not the first mutation, since Coronavirus has had 15 mutations in various countries so far. He also said that for its part, MOPH would implement the mandatory quarantine on those coming from these countries, in accordance with the announcement made before.


Source: Government of Qatar

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