/HMC Ambulance Service Starts Operating Drones

HMC Ambulance Service Starts Operating Drones

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Ambulance Service has started operating drones with the aim of enhancing its capabilities of monitoring incident scenes and surrounding areas. Therefore, this will help in obtaining information needed for responding to medical emergency cases according to the best possible standards. The HMC Ambulance Service had used the drones for the first time in late September 2019 during the IAAF World Athletics Championships in the Qatari capital Doha 2019. These drones are currently used as required by medical emergencies.

Mr. Thomas Riemann, executive director of Healthcare Coordination and Support Services at HMC's Ambulance Service, said: The introduction of the drones is another step forward in the path of developing the ambulance service and enabling it to provide high-quality emergency services to the Qatari community. The drones provide us a detailed overview of incident scenes and medical emergencies. The drones also help us assess these incident scenes and elements associated with incident scenes and their surrounding areas, including number of casualties, potential hazards in these scenes and certain areas where there are ambulance vehicles and there are access and egress routes through which ambulance vehicles cross to reach relevant areas.

For his part, Mr. Rashid Andaila, senior manager of Communication Technologies at HMC's Ambulance Service, said: Although operating the drones is still in the early stages, this has enhanced our capability of assessing incident scenes and medical emergencies. Currently, the most common utilization of the drones is operating the drones in a fixed position in one hundred metres directly above the incident scene. Thus, this will help us in obtaining a clear and detailed image on site.

Source: Government of Qatar