The Legal and Judicial Studies Center of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has started working on the second series of guidance manuals for Qatari laws, which include guides to the real estate lease law, settlement of rental disputes, judicial control and check provisions. The manuals will be issued before the end of 2018.

The work aims at creating a distinctive Qatari jurisprudence that is in line with the relentless development of jurists in the world through the issuance of legal and awareness books and references and guidance manuals.

In this context, the Center is working on the second series of an initiative to explain the Qatari legislation. A book explaining Law No.24 of 2002 on retirement and pensions and the relevant amendments will also be issued soon. The book was prepared by Haya Fahad al-Buainain, legal expert at the Legal and Judicial Studies Center, with the participation of Dr Faraj al-Boushi, legal advisor at the Center.

Commenting on the occasion, Director of the Legal and Judicial Studies Center, Fatma Abdulaziz Bilal, said that the Center took the responsibility of explaining the law of retirement and pensions because of its importance for a large segment of society.

Source: Government of Qatar