Students in experience-based remote lesson

Students experienced controlling a magnet by fingers and observing changing magnetic field with walking around with MR goggles.\

MIE, Japan, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What can we expect beyond online lesson under the COVID-19? This event presents new style of remote tuition, eye-opening next generation experience-based lesson utilizing participant’s “body movement” which wouldn’t be possible for online lesson. The lesson employs mixed reality (MR) technology.

The contents of the lesson are “Let’s see invisible magnetic field.” Feel Physics sends lesson material to a high school in advance and conducts the lesson from its office located in another prefecture using Zoom. 19 high school students participate in the lesson and experience controlling a magnet by fingers and observing changing magnetic field with walking around with MR goggles. The company’s teacher gives educational guidance with monitoring students’ view displayed on MR headset through Zoom.

Voices of participating students

“I was excited wearing the MR headset and really enjoyed the lesson as even I was able to learn.” (1st grade student)

“Although invisible magnetic field is hard to understand, the lesson visualized it clearly to bring better understanding.” (2nd grade student)

“It’s intuitive and fun lesson as it was new experience to control virtual object in space.” (1st grade student)

“I was happy to experience things that we have talked as fantastic story.” (1st grade student)

Voice of the high school teacher

“Upon receipt of the equipment, students of STEM club started to play with it avidly. To my surprise, even students not joining any club activities came in. I rarely had to support them. A device making us feel future like the MR headset may have power to ignite students’ hearts. I would like to have more students experience this lesson.” (Teacher with the high school for 7 years)

Please be free to contact us for further information of “future learning lesson” at our official website to explore and experience the cutting-edge MR technology.

About Feel Physics:

A start-up company mainly developing experience-oriented learning using MR goggle technology to blow a new wind towards educational business.

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