/3.3 Million Visits to “Hukoomi”

3.3 Million Visits to “Hukoomi”

The Qatar Official e-government Portal "Hukoomi" has achieved a significant growth in the number of visits during the past year, by 23.06% compared to the number of visits during 2018, where 3,356,639 million browsers visited during 2019, compared to 2.727.594 million visitors to the portal during Last year, the number of authorities and entities participating in a government directory reached 293, and the directory section contains contact details for many ministries, embassies, governmental and non-governmental entities.

Hukoomi role is to provide government information and services in a more efficient and effective manner, with the aim of facilitating access for all citizens, residents, visitors and the business sector, as well as increasing public awareness of government programs, events, news and initiatives, in line with the goals contained in the Qatar Digital government strategy 2020.

Source: Government of Qatar