/Ashghal Has Achieved a Digital Transformation That Excelled Globally

Ashghal Has Achieved a Digital Transformation That Excelled Globally

The Information Technology Department at the Public Works Authority Ashghal has achieved a qualitative leap in the digital internal systems to keep pace with the global technological development in processing transactions.

During the year of 2019, the Department has been awarded global golden prizes by the biggest international bodies in the domain of digital structural engineering, in addition to the department implementing ISO quality standards concerned with the internet and technology within the framework of its commitment to transforming toward an integrated and dynamic smart authority.

Additionally, the Information Technology Department has implemented all procedures that facilitate a smart work environment to assist staffs and different departments, particularly, transactions related to the contracts of projects through launching online tenders that provide a swift platform for completing the bidding cycle.

The system of online tenders is regarded as one of the most important digital systems provided by Ashghal via its website since the system of online tenders facilitates the full bidding process that begins with announcing requirements until concluding the contract. This also includes exchanging all relevant documents in an online form.

For the first time in Qatar, Ashghal is working on transforming its infrastructure into an environment in which passwords are not used. The new system aims to make it easier for Ashghal staff to remember long and complicated passwords since this will provide a new, secure and easy experience by using the technique of running PKI secure mobile devices backed by IAM solutions.

Source: Government of Qatar