/Central Database of Government Employees

Central Database of Government Employees

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA), confirmed that the government resource planning program "Mawared" supports nine administrative activities in government ministries and institutions that are subject to the Human Resources Law, which includes recruitment, succession planning management, "substitution", public power analyzes, competency management and training, performance management, and salaries harmonization of legislation, self-services for decision makers, and self-services for employees.

The Ministry pointed out that the Center for Human Resources Information Systems works on building and developing a central database and information systems for managing human resources for all state employees, linking them with the authorities, providing these data to serve the goals and objectives of planning and decision-making, planning and implementing electronic transformation programs for human resources operations, and providing technical support to departments of the human resources in the authorities, ensuring the validity of data, preserving them, preparing and analyzing data and statistics related to human resources data in the administrative apparatus of the state, and extracting indicators supporting the decision-making process regarding human resources data.

Source: Government of Qatar