/Hukoomi Development Project Contract Signed

Hukoomi Development Project Contract Signed

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), signed a contract, during Qatar Information Technology and Communication Conference and Exhibition (QITCOM) 2019, for the development of the new version of Qatar e-Government Portal - Hukoomi, which will be completely redesigned and restructured using the latest technologies and incorporating a wide range of services for government semi-government, and private entities.

The announcement of the new project of Hukoomi portal comes within the framework of MOTC's keenness to further develop the e-government portal and add innovative features that support the centralization of customers' journey, simplify users' procedures, and meet the needs of all segments of the public, taking into account persons with disabilities, in addition to supporting the new portal with artificial intelligence technologies and open data, which are accessible on all kinds of computers, tablets, and smartphones.

On this occasion, Mr. Tareq Al Emadi, e-Government Portal Department Manager at MOTC, said: With the new Hukoomi portal, we are taking a leap forward in our e-government strategy and creating new ways to engage citizens and residents in the government services and policy-making, through developing a flexible, user-friendly platform to deliver digital government services through a unified interface, which enables the Government of Qatar to seize special opportunities offered by the new technological innovation.

Al Emadi added: The State of Qatar is embracing a fast track in digital transformation and enabling advanced technology to improve human life. Through the continuous development of Hukoomi, we seek to enable individuals and companies to access the information they need about government programs and services.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC)