/Online Project To Facilitate Obtaining Parking Permits for Persons With Disabilities

Online Project To Facilitate Obtaining Parking Permits for Persons With Disabilities

Lieutenant Colonel Jaber Mohammed Odeiba, Assistant Director of Traffic Information and Awareness Department/General Directorate of Traffic, has said that there is underway work being done to prepare an online project to facilitate obtaining parking permits for persons with disabilities. This project will cover all cases and persons with permanent and temporary disabilities. This comes within the framework of the Ministry of Interior (MOI)'s keenness to provide all services and facilities to persons with disabilities, and grant privileges and facilities to their beneficiaries. He pointed out that parking permit may be placed on vehicle's registration plate and person with disability may be also given a permit as ID card pertaining to person with disability.

He said that the online project would be connected with Medical Committee affiliated with Police Hospital, in order to issue approval or rejection, particularly because this matter needs to be more regulated. noted that the new system would be marked by having more professionalism and more coordination, since request is currently submitted via Metrash Service. In addition, there is emphasis on the need to refer persons wishing to obtain parking permits for persons with disabilities to the Medical Committee, particularly including persons with disabilities who have driving licenses.

The General Directorate of Traffic, as one of MOI-affiliated service departments, is keen to provide services and facilities to persons with disabilities. Moreover, the General Directorate of Traffic provides parking permits of people with disabilities to their requesters, after submitting documents needed for this service. These required documents include a new medical report on medical case (issued by governmental entity, such Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) or anyone among medical centers), photocopy of ID card to pertaining to requester (disabled person), photocopy of driving license card, photocopy vehicle registration card and then information form designed for the permit. After receiving the file of papers required for providing the service, this file shall be presented to the Medical Committee within two weeks, which will either approve or reject giving approval for the parking permit in the light of the Medical Committee assessing a requester's case. Moreover, disabled person shall be vehicle's registered owner, and disabled person or anyone among his first degree relatives shall be vehicle driver.

Source: Government of Qatar