BEIJING, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A report from China Report:

Letter of Thanks from the Ministry of Housing Welfare of Kuwait to T1158 Project Department in Kuwait of Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA)

Since 2020, the epidemic situation overseas has remained complex and volatile. POWERCHINA, namely Power Construction Corporation of China, as a Chinese enterprise with a relatively high degree of internationalization, has attached great importance to project quality and technical guarantee. Every project built by the company has become a bridge of communication, created a large number of jobs, improved the living conditions of local people and promoted the development of local economy.

Overcoming the Impact of the Epidemic and Strictly Ensuring the Construction Schedule of Projects

It is POWERCHINA’s primary responsibility to complete projects on time, and with quality and quantity guaranteed. In the face of the “new normal” of the epidemic, the company has actively carried out health monitoring of overseas engineering projects and implemented epidemic prevention measures. Meanwhile, the company has formulated and issued the special emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, standardized the procurement of materials for epidemic prevention and control, and urged all project departments to ensure that prevention and control measures are implemented in place.

In the first half of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic situation in Kuwait was quite severe. However, Chen Jinhua, Manager of Kuwait T1158 Infrastructure Project, regardless of his own safety, rushed to the front line of the project to ensure that the project could be normally constructed at that critical moment and to effectively guarantee the construction schedule stipulated in the contract.

At the same time, Lin Lingqiang, Project Manager of F22 Division of Etihad Railway Phase II Project, UAE, witnessed the steady progress of the Khalifa Seaport Railway Bridge. The main part of the subsea project was completed on August 31, 2020.

Project Construction Promotes Local Economic Growth

The project construction of POWERCHINA is like a shining pearl, rooted in the Belt and Road Initiative, promoting local economic development and becoming a new benchmark for China-UAE cooperation.

In Morocco, the Noor Ouarzazate Solar Power Plant Project has offered multiple solutions to Morocco’s energy shortage. In Iraq, the Ramliye MW730 Power Station Project will provide safe, reliable and clean electric energy to the power grid in southern Iraq.

In addition to electric power projects, a number of infrastructure projects such as the Etihad Railway Project in the UAE, the world-famous King Abdullah Port Project and the Grain Storage Project in Algeria have also laid the foundation for local economic development.

Building a Friendship Bridge to Help Local People with Their Employment

POWERCHINA has actively promoted localization, employing around 70,000 foreign personnel overseas every year and providing a large number of training and employment opportunities for local residents. For example, the second and third phases of Ouarzazate Solar Power Station in Morocco have fully implemented the localization strategy of labor service, effectively creating many local employment opportunities. According to statistics, the project has created more than 14,000 local employment positions during its construction.

This management and operation localization model has also been implemented in the T1158 Project in Kuwait. On the one hand, the project management department has used the media to release recruitment information and hired foreign managers and non-permanent workers in the local talent market. On the other hand, position competitions and skill tests have been held to select excellent talents, enhance the spirit of competition and improve staff morale.

Localization of overseas labor service is an important strategic mode for the company’s overseas business development, which is consistent with the joint construction of the belt and Road Initiative.

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