/Launching a Survery on Government Services

Launching a Survery on Government Services

The Planning and Statistics Authority is conducting a field survey for the fourth year in a row to evaluate the services provided by the ministries and other governmental institutions in the State, from Tuesday until the end of April. The survey aims to identify the public opinion and evaluate the level of service delivery in government agencies, to identify their impressions, and to create a clear picture of the level of government services in order to identify the imbalances and ways to address them, and improve the quality of services.

According to the Authority, this survey is a solid platform and a direct channel connecting the government agencies and service recipients, based on listening to their views and working to meet their requirements. The results of the survey will contribute to improving the quality of services, and raising the level of provided public service beyond the expectations of customers, which will primarily benefit the public and the recipients of services.

The survey targets the auditors of the departments, units and service bodies of the ministries and government institutions, and the auditors of the service centers in government service complexes in different regions of Qatar. A sample of individuals benefiting from these services is also targeted in some households, where field visits will be conducted by specialists in their places of residence to collect the required data.

Source: Government of Qatar