/11 Emerging Companies Join Digital Incubation Center

11 Emerging Companies Join Digital Incubation Center

Digital Incubation Center affiliated with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has disclosed incubating 11 emerging companies, including new five companies within the framework of the phase of starting up a company, four emerging companies within the framework of the track of common workspace and two companies within the framework of the growth of companies. 

Digital Incubation Center aims via its various programs to enhance innovation in information technology and communications in the State of Qatar, in particular among pioneering youths and businessmen, something that happens in the extremely important first phases in setting up their business enterprises related to technology or developing technology. This is through working alongside many partners of Digital Incubation Center.  

Moreover, Digital Incubation Center takes care of entrepreneurs who can benefit from modern technologies and transform them into innovated products, or solutions, or services that contribute to the digital economy in the State of Qatar. The center, particularly, seeks to incubate entrepreneurs who operate in the fields of emerging technologies. They include, for example, the solutions and applications of smart cities, cloud computing, the Internet of things (IoT), drones, robot, the technology of communications among machineries, massive data and their analyses, predictive analyses, cybersecurity, wearable and transmittable digital solutions, e-commerce and communication services in the most important sectors of the Qatari economy. 

Source: Government of Qatar