/1605 Services for Individuals and Business Through “Hukoomi” Portal

1605 Services for Individuals and Business Through “Hukoomi” Portal

The official Qatar e-Government Portal Hukoomi has achieved a significant growth in the number of services provided through the Portal reaching 1605 services, including 131 information services, 452 offline services, and 1022 e-services, as the Qatar Digital Government (QDG) works to raise the level of services provided to the government, individuals and business over the internet, and ensure that the user can complete it electronically.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), affirmed that QDG vision aims to support government entities in order to achieve integration in all services the government provides in the country, through the activation and acceleration of digital transformation for all e-services provided, in line with QDG 2020 Strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030.

Source: Government of Qatar