/Arab Group stresses commitment to upholding women’s rights before Human Rights Council

Arab Group stresses commitment to upholding women’s rights before Human Rights Council

Obaid Salem Saeed Al Za'abi, UAE Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, has delivered the speech of the Arab Group before the 38th session of the Human Rights Council, affiliated with the UN, as the UAE is currently the chair of the Council of Heads of Arab Permanent Missions to the United Nations Office at Geneva.

The speech was delivered during the annual full-day discussion on the human rights of women, focusing on the impact of violence against women human rights defenders and women's organisations in digital spaces.

During the speech, the Arab Group stressed that its countries put women's rights as one of their top priorities and encouraged all efforts aimed at empowering them based on the Islamic law, which affirms the principle of gender equality in human dignity as well as in rights and duties.

''The Group is working to enhance women's participation at all walks of public life, including political participation, decision-making and parliamentary membership fields,'' said Obaid Al Za'abi.

Regarding the economic aspect, he indicated the member states' desire to ensure equality in job opportunities given its importance as a significant pillar to achieve the economic growth of the countries and in the belief that their participation in the labour market is the best way to maintain global economic growth.

He also confirmed the countries' pursuance to enact laws and legislations aimed at protecting women from all forms of violence and discrimination, including on the digital spaces, considering the impact of such violence on women and ensuring their access to new technological means of communication, as well as social protection.

The Group also emphasised the importance of their access to education, health and the provision of a safe environment by taking the necessary measures to ensure accountability of violations that may be committed against them to safeguard the implementation of the development goals of 2030, especially the 5th and 16th goals.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs