/Qatar Is Ranked 1st in Achieving Food Security

Qatar Is Ranked 1st in Achieving Food Security

Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) has stated that the State of Qatar has achieved the highest rate in terms of achieving food security in the Arab region, since the State of Qatar attained 77.5% followed by the Sultanate of Oman which attained 73.6%.

In its annual report about the Arab food security, the AOAD pointed out to several positive developments in the conditions of Arab food security. This is because the scale of production and supply of most basic food items has increased. The value of Food Security Index in the Arab Homeland has reached 58.9% compared to around 57.3% worldwide. Moreover, the value of the gap in basic food items has declined from around $33.5 billion to around $32.8 billion.

The organization stated that according to the definition set out by the World Food Summit conference held in 1996, food security is achieved when the whole people have material, social and economic accessibilities to sufficient and nutritious food that will meet their food needs for a healthy and dynamic life.

Source: Government of Qatar