/Statement issued by UAE Embassy’s Media Office in Baghdad.

Statement issued by UAE Embassy’s Media Office in Baghdad.

The Media Office at the UAE Embassy in Baghdad has issued the following statement: In its 2551th issue, published on Wednesday, 29th August, 2018, "Al Akhbar" newspaper carried a report under the headline: "The super ambassador... walking in Al Sabhan's footsteps", which was full of fabrication and misleading information the Lebanese paper used to put out as part of its role that lacks credibility and honesty in reporting and in line with clear objectives and intentions of those who finance the paper, whose support and promotion of terrorism and extremism is exposed and documented through their own media platforms.

The Media Office of the UAE Embassy in Baghdad would like to clarify the following: 1. Such publications will not dissuade us from continuing our diplomatic role that the paper tried to smear in Beirut, Washington, Khartoum, Muscat, Rabat and Baghdad to serve interests of the parties whose loyalty and ends are well known.

2. The campaign of masking the truth and fabricating the news which the paper has earned a reputation for will rather enhance UAE's policy and proves its sincere approach in the face of fake news that lack the professional and moral commitment of journalism.

3. The continuation of publishing fake news under the so-called "Emirates Leaks dossier", will act as an impetus to follow the same approach and policy which many try to attack through illegal ways, like pumping funds to spread suspicions. This is part of the Qatari activities of exploiting the Lebanese arena to serve their targets in a country with open media.

4. The embassy re-emphasises that Qatar's attempts to undermine the UAE - using its media tools, including "Al Akhbar" newspaper - tells of its crisis-ridden policy after it was proved that Doha supports extremism and Takfirism and harbours terrorist groups.

In conclusion, the Media Office of the UAE Embassy in Baghdad urges all who are engaged in journalism to be careful and to treat the credibility standards as a top priority since media is all about shaping the opinion and not a tool for regimes that are trying to improve their image and to ward off suspicions.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs