/UAE, Belarus sign cooperation agreements in various fields to boost ties.

UAE, Belarus sign cooperation agreements in various fields to boost ties.

The UAE and Belarus have signed multiple cooperation agreements in media, disaster management, facilitation of customs procedures, and health sector on the eve of 4th joint Emirati-Belarusian committee ministerial meeting in Abu Dhabi today.

Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, led the UAE side, and Belarus was represented by its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Makei.

Dr. Gargash said the joint Emirati-Belarusian committee ministerial meeting is a good opportunity to boost the mutual relationship between the two countries and overcome all difficulties. "The ties between UAE and Belarus are witnessing continuous development in all areas with a focus on economic, investment, energy and trade domains. The two parts are also very keen on diversifying and bolstering their mutual, exceptional and sustainable cooperation," he added.

"The trade exchanges between the UAE and Belarus have witnessed a remarkable improvement over the last two years a matter that will motivate the two parts to bolster the joint works at the government level and in forming partnerships between the private sectors of two countries," Gargash pointed out, saying that this is particularly in light of the accelerated economic development taking place in Belarus that forecasted to continue over the coming years.

He also reiterated UAE's interest in boosting investment between the two countries, particularly in industry, logistical services, energy, real estate development and food security sectors.

Gargash called upon the Belarusian private sector to take advantage of the UAE's distinguished status as a regional and international trade and investment gateway. "The UAE is an exceptional starting point to get to regional markets, as it occupies today top position in all the main global indexes, thanks to its excellent infrastructures and business environment," he said.

Vladimir Makei stressed that this meeting is very important and contributes for reinforcing the relationship between the two countries.

Gargash and Makei singed, on the sidelines of the meeting, the project of the executive programme that aims at boosting cooperation between the two countries in the media sector.

Gargash and Vladimir Vashchenko, Belarus's Emergencies Minister, also signed a draft memorandum of understanding, MoU, on cooperation in emergency, crisis and disasters management.

Ali Mohamed bin Subaih Al Kaabi, Customs Commissioner and Chairman of the Federal Customs Authority, FCA, Yury Senko, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus, signed an agreement on technical and administrative cooperation that aims at boosting trade exchange between the two countries by facilitation of customs procedures.

Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Under-Secretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector in the UAE Ministry of Health, and Belarus's Deputy Health Minister signed a draft MoU on cooperation in the health sector and the Dubai Export Development Corporation, DEDC, and Belarus's National Centre for Marketing and Price Study also signed a similar MoU.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs