Qatar Research Development and Innovation Council (QRDI) announced the launch of the “Qatar Research, Development and Innovation” portal, an online platform that facilitates effective communication, strategic cooperation and building partnerships between all parties of the research and innovation community.

The Qatar Research, Development and Innovation portal provides access to resources and capabilities related to innovation throughout the country, which provides opportunities for building strategic relationships between various government entities, academic and research institutions and the business sector. In its first phase, the portal includes a wide range of advanced technological resources, equipment and services available in the best Qatari institutions, such as universities, hospitals, laboratories, and over the next five years, the portal will develop to include more advantages, such as: acquaintance services and financing opportunities, and expert data.

The portal is characterized by the participation of many entities from different sectors, and its database will include various fields, including health, engineering, design and others.


Source: Government of Qatar

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