/GCC Opens New Center

GCC Opens New Center

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) revealed the opening of a new location for Government Contact Center (GCC), bringing the center’s total to 4 centers that all provide citizens and residents in Qatar with a unified source to respond to public inquiries and questions about government services via the number 109, and about the new Coronavirus “Covid 19” via the number 16000, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health, and on services for the education sector via the number 155 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Eng. Mashael Al Hammadi, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Information Technology Affairs, on this occasion, stressed that the new GCC center comes within the framework of a crisis management and business continuity plan launched by MOTC, which is based on several principles, including activating the crisis management team, and focusing on Customer service, through procedures related to technology required to conduct business remotely, and to ensure its readiness, in addition to procedures for organizing work mechanisms and governance in a manner that suits the nature of the current circumstance.

Source: Government of Qatar