The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) has decided to increase the attendance rate in all public schools and private schools/preschools up to 50% of their capacity according to the weekly rotating attendance schedule. Attendance is compulsory during the second term, starting from 3 January 2021 for public schools, and for private schools according to the academic calendars, with January 10 as the maximum start date. MOEHE noted that the blended learning will be implemented according to the weekly rotating attendance schedules.

In this framework, all public and private schools and preschools are committed to implementing the 50% rotational on-site school attendance.

MOEHE emphasizes that all teachers and administrative staff must attend full-time in schools, must strictly implement the precautionary measures and fully cooperate with the concerned authorities if any Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are detected or suspected. MOEHE will deal firmly with any violations of implementing the precautionary measures in schools. MOEHE also emphasizes that legal actions will be taken in violation of these measures.


Source: Government of Qatar

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