/MOEHE Launches Online System for Equivalency of School Certificates

MOEHE Launches Online System for Equivalency of School Certificates

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) launched yesterday the online school equivalence service as part of its online services provided by the Ministry for the public.

During a press conference, the Assistant Undersecretary for the Evaluation Authority at MOEHE, Mr. Khalid Abdullah Al Harqan, announced that this service would be applied in two phases: the first phase will be for private school students in the State of Qatar and the second phase is concerned with the equivalence of certificates for students coming from abroad. He pointed out that, in view of the increase in the number of private schools in Qatar, and the massive movement of students from private education to public education and others who finish secondary school studies in private schools, everyone becomes in need of equivalence of their educational certificates. This is particularly because private schools follow various educational systems, and there is a need to equate school certificates in accordance with the educational system in the State of Qatar.

Director of Students Information Centre at the Ministry, Mr. Ibrahim Rajab Al Kuwari said that anyone could submit a request for equivalence of certification and obtain the result according to each category. He explained that some transactions might be completed within 24 hours and others within 48 hours, according to the certificate equivalency policy at MOEHE, which is keen to provide these services, in line with the State's policy on providing the best services for citizens and residents.

Source: Government of Qatar