/Printing School Certificates via MOEHE E-Portal

Printing School Certificates via MOEHE E-Portal

The evaluation sector affiliated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) has sent a circular to schools, stating that launching the service of issuing school certificates and statements is within the e-services portal available at MOEHE website. Therefore, it has become possible to obtain electronically issued school certificates, and printing them out as of second term examinations of the current academic year, without the need to print them via schools.

The circular emphasized that all certificates and statements available via this service carry the stamp and accreditation issued by the Director of Students' Information Center Department at the Evaluation Affairs sector, and they carry a barcode in order to be identified electronically. Thus, stamping or attesting certificates or statements from schools or government service centers will not be required.

If a student's parent or the student cannot issue certificates via the e-portal, he/she should check with the school to request issuing certificate or statement. Then, from its side, the school should print the certificate via the MOEHE e-portal and hands it over to the applicant.

The circular also stated that the service of issuing certificates via the e-portal will make it possible to issue and print certificates of the academic year 2010/2011 onwards, without the need to visit government service centers.

Source: Government of Qatar