/Qatar: Funding UNRWA “Global Commitment “

Qatar: Funding UNRWA “Global Commitment “

The State of Qatar said funding the projects of United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) reflects a commitment that must be fulfilled by the global community. It also said it is necessary to provide adequate guarantees for the continued funding of the agency and not to expose it to any financial shortfalls that violate its responsibilities and obligations.

Speaking at the Extraordinary Ministerial Conference for the UNRWA, HE the Foreign Ministry's Secretary-General Dr. Ahmed bin Hassan Al Hammadi said the agency represents one of the international law mechanisms adopted by the UN to protect Palestinian refugees and to safeguard their rights and provide them with a decent living. According to the decisions issued by the UN, funding the UNRWA projects represents an obligation that must be met by the international community and that failure to meet it represents a serious failure to meet commitments made at the international level, HE the Secretary-General added.

His Excellency stressed the need to provide adequate guarantees for the continuation of funding UNRWA and to ensure that it will not be subjected to any financial deficiency in violation of its responsibilities and obligations. The international obligations that were cut are rights of permanent and acquired Palestinian refugees, and it is inappropriate to withdraw from commitments, His Excellency added.

HE the Secretary-General said the State of Qatar continues to carry out its duties and responsibilities towards financially funding the UNRWA, and has continued to finance projects implemented by the Agency, especially in the education and health sectors.

His Excellency added that in affirmation of Qatar's steady support policy towards the UNRWA, the State of Qatar today announces its donation of US $50 million and looks forward to everyone providing the necessary financial support to UNRWA to enable it to provide the necessary services to Palestine refugees.

HE the Secretary-General also highlighted the State of Qatar's support to the Palestinian refugees' host countries, which are exerting continuous efforts to ensure their right to a decent life. His Excellency thanked all the host countries and called for all the countries to contribute to the support of these countries, which is facing major pressure related to providing the necessary services and needs for Palestinian refugees, which calls for the need to unite the efforts to provide the needs required for the implementation of projects for Palestinian refugees.

HE the Secretary-General then thanked the Italian government and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for holding this event. His Excellency added that he hopes for the conference to have results that support the UNRWA and contributes radically in solving the financial problems it is facing, in order to fund its special projects of providing education, health and work for Palestinian refugees. HE Al Hammadi also thanked the UNRWA for the efforts exerted to ensure the right to a decent life for Palestinian refugees.