Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Mohammed Hassan Qatana discussed with Chinese Ambassador in Damascus Shi Hongwei the standing cooperation relations in agricultural field, exchange of agricultural products, and ways to develop them.

Qatana pointed out the possibility of benefiting from the successful Chinese experience in managing the agricultural sector, and transfer the Chinese scientific innovations and modern technologies to agriculture in Syria to develop production, in addition to taking advantage of the rural development programs adopted by China to stabilize the rural community.

Qatana pointed out the need to promote the exchange of agricultural products, and provide the necessary facilities for that, especially freight and reliance on the air transport of fresh products that may be damaged during their shipping by sea.

He added that Syria has a lot of high quality agriculture products that can be directly exported to China.

In turn, the Chinese ambassador affirmed that his country is working to strengthen relations with Syria in all fields, especially agricultural, as it is the basis for achieving food security for the population in light of the international challenges the world is going through.

The ambassador pointed out that the diverse Syrian nature which makes it suitable for all crops, and it is important to cooperate to develop it.

Hongwei referred to the signed agreements and the need to activate them and participate in the specialized exhibitions to serve the interests of the two countries.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency