Two people were injured by live bullets during confrontations with the occupation forces in Qalqilya

Qalqilya - Together - Two young men were injured by live bullets, tonight, during confrontations with Israeli occupation forces in the city of Qalqilya. The Red Crescent reported that its crews transported a 17-year-old boy who was wounded by live occupation bullets in the knees in the city of Qalqilya, and a 19-year-old young man who was wounded by live bullets in the shoulder. Local sources said that the occupation forces stormed the city of Qalqilya, and confrontations broke out at the place, with live bullets, stun grenades, and poison gas being fired, which led to citizens being injured by live bullets. Source: Maan News Agency

United Nations: The indiscriminate Israeli bombing may amount to crimes against humanity

Geneva - Together - The United Nations expressed, on Wednesday, 'serious concerns' about the Israeli occupation army's respect for the laws of war, in an investigation that included six 'major' bombing operations in the Gaza Strip last year that resulted in the death of at least 218 citizens. 'The rule for choosing methods and means of warfare that avoid or at least minimize harm to civilians appears to have been consistently violated in Israel's bombing campaign,' said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Trk. On Wednesday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights issued an assessment of six attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation army last year in Gaza, 'resulting in a large number of civilian deaths and widespread destruction of civilian facilities, which raises serious concerns regarding respect for the laws of war, including the principles of distinction and proportionality.' And reserve during the attack. The report details six attacks in which Israel is estimated to have u sed GBU-31 (one-ton), GBU-32 (half-ton) and GBU-39 (125-kg) guided bombs 'in the period from October 9 to December 2.' December 2023 and targeted residential buildings, a school, refugee camps and a market.' The report stated that the Commission 'verified that 218 people were killed in these six attacks, and announced that the information received indicates that the death toll may be much higher.' The United Nations stressed that such attacks, when committed as part of a widespread and systematic attack against civilians, "may amount to crimes against humanity." Source: Maan News Agency

Investigation Committee in the Occupied Territories: Israel obstructed our work

Jerusalem - Ma'an - The investigation committee on the occupied Palestinian territories, headed by Navi Pillay, said that its report represents the United Nations and focuses on the events of last October 7 and its aftermath. She confirmed to the committee that Israel obstructed the investigation and prevented access to Gaza and the West Bank. She noted: We are shocked by the human suffering and called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. She explained that the occupation is the reason for everything that is happening in the Palestinian territories. The committee said: We are shocked by what happened on October 7 and what followed... The Palestinians have suffered for decades as a result of the occupation of their land. She added that the events of October 7 and its aftermath put pressure on United Nations workers. The committee affirmed: We will continue our work, and the investigation is not finished, and there are violations that occur every day... Our investigation is incomplete because we were not a llowed to reach the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Israel. She indicated that the International Criminal Court will rely on our report. Source: Maan News Agency

The occupation arrests a foreign sympathizer and two brothers from Masafer Yatta

Hebron - Ma'an - This Wednesday morning, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a foreign sympathizer while he was documenting the occupation soldiers' assault on citizens in Masafer Yatta. They also arrested two brothers while they were working on their land in the village of Al-Mufaqara in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron. The coordinator of the Popular Committees to Resist the Wall and Settlements in South Hebron, Ratib Al-Jabour, reported that the occupation forces arrested the two brothers, Moaz and Suhaib Mahmoud Hamamda, while they were working to inspect the damage resulting from settlers' attacks on it. In a separate context, the Israeli occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, the young man Aseed Walid Amr after raiding his family's home in the city of Hebron. Source: Maan News Agency

By names…the occupation arrests more than 21 citizens in Al-Dhahiriya

Hebron - Ma'an - The occupation forces launched a raid, search and arrest campaign, at dawn today, Wednesday, targeting more than 21 citizens from the city of Al-Dhaheriya, south of Hebron. Local sources reported that a large force of the occupation army raided the city at dawn, and began storming dozens of citizens' homes, searching them, destroying their contents, and harassing their owners. Sources in the Al-Dhahiriya Municipality reported that the number of detainees exceeded 21, and some of them were known at the time of preparing this news: Ghassan Melhem Al-Hawarin Sameh Ismail Shaheen Youssef Iyad Shaheen Bassam Al-Tal Abu Ashraf Hazem Talal Al-Tal Zaki Abu Allan Ahmed Nassar Al-Tall Mahmoud Amjad Abu Allan Ibrahim Abd Peace be upon you, Al-Samamra , Wadih Othman Al-Samara, brother of Shah Heid , Nabil Sheikh Abu Sharkh , Baraa, Mazen Nasrallah Mahmoud, Ratib Al-Samamra, Izz Qarqour, Al-Hawarin, Muhammad Shehadeh, Abu Sharkh, Issa, Sharoukh, Mahmoud Amjad Abu Al-Ala, Muhammad Nassa r Jarad Al-Tal, Bassem Ammar Samamra, Hani Zayed Al-Hawarin, Muntaser Youssef Al-Khatib Source: Maan News Agency