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About Us

What are we known for?
Mid-East News is the website that covers the news from all over the world with giving its particular focus to the Middle East region. We are known as the reliable source to share the news on which people can trust without any second thought. The trust, which we have got from people, has been achieved by our struggle of providing news of every sector for the longest period of time to people.

What do we offer to the corporate world?
For any online news website, the thing, which it uses to attract the corporate world towards itself, is its press releases distribution service, so keeping its importance in mind, we make sure that the Mid-East News Release Service is able to attract the corporate world to use our website’s platform for marketing purposes.

Our Mission:
To be recognized as the reliable source of sharing news, we have to stick to the policy of only authentic news on our website, and that is what we are highly concerned about. In the news industry unauthentic reporting becomes the reason of failure of any news website that is why we ensure that the news on our website is not questioned as far as its validity is concerned.

Not in for Ratings
There are many online news websites which have confined their efforts only into getting high ratings by hook and crook. This is the wrong approach and in fact against the norms of journalism. Once your mission is only to get the ratings by any means, then you opt for the wrong approaches and that later becomes the reason of failure of your news website. We value the norms of journalism more than running after ratings and our that approach has gotten us the trust of people, which websites with running after ratings can only dream about.

We and Social Media
Since the arrival of social media, a news website has a chance to get the informative feedbacks from its regular readers through different platforms. Our strong presence on different social websites, tells you that how much we value the point of view of our readers.

What do we offer more?
Our aim of keeping every person aware about news can be judged by the services we offer to people regarding that, such as daily news alerts service and RSS news feed services. We are very much concerned about providing the high quality services and that is what which is also reflected from our Mid-East News release service.