Awareness Program ‘Conscious Generation’ Kicks Off with Participation of Several Ministries

Doha, The awareness program 'Conscious Generation' targeting school students has kicked off under the supervision of the Permanent Committee For Punitive And Correctional Institutions, with the participation of several ministries including the Ministries of Interior, Sports and Youth, Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs, Education and Higher Education, and the Ministry of Social Development and Family.

The program encompasses four main pillars, namely religious awareness, educational awareness, security and legal awareness, and self-awareness. Its goal is to educate the youth about the risks of committing crimes and ways to prevent them.

The program was implemented in 12 boys' schools and 12 girls' schools, with a total of 27 speakers from the participating ministries holding lectures. The lectures covered various educational topics aimed at nurturing a conscious and educated generation capable of bearing social responsibility.

Source: Qatar News Agency