Conclusion of Regional Consultative Meeting on the Transition to Sustainable Food Systems

Doha, The Regional Consultative Meeting on the Transition to Sustainable Food Systems in the West Asian region, which lasted 2 days, concluded today. It was organized by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment jointly with the United Nations Environment Programme-West Asia Office.

The meeting discussed the transition pathways to the sustainable food ecosystems, and the necessary intervention points to reach sustainable systems based on the expertise and experiences of the countries participating in the meeting.

Consultant at the Food Security Department, Saleh Salem Al Rumaihi, explained that this meeting is an extremely important opportunity that brings together experts and decision makers in the West Asian region, with the aim of consultation and exchange of opinions and ideas. It was also an occasion for showcasing valuable work papers, and reviewing appropriate recommendations and measures, which can help in improving the state of food, agriculture and highly efficient management of water resources in our world, leading to sustainable food systems.

He commended the important role of the United Nations Environment Programme in supporting the efforts of executing the 2023 sustainable development plan and consolidating the regional and international cooperation among member states to ensure the transformation of national food systems into healthy, sustainable and resilient systems in the face of crises.

He stressed that the State of Qatar attaches great importance to developing the economic sectors in general and the agricultural sector in particular, as it is one of the important and vital sectors concerned with achieving food security for all the countrys population.

Source: Qatar News Agency