CSGDB Announces Recruitment of 7127 Citizens via Kawader during 2022, Available 5029 Jobs

The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CSGDB) has announced the findings of the joint report with the Ministry of Labour (MOL) on recruitment statistics in the government and private sectors during 2022.

Recruitment statistics - according to a tweet posted by CSGDB on its official Twitter account - explained that 7127 Qatar citizens have been recruited and among of them are 5277 citizens in the government sector; 3619 females and 1658 males have been recruited.

The number of the people recruited in the private sector has reached 1850, including 890 females and 960 males.

CSGDB emphasized that 5029 jobs are available via National Manpower Portal (Kawader) on the official website of MOL, including 3910 jobs in the government sector and 1119 jobs in the private sector.

Source: Government of Qatar