Education Above All Condemns Targeting of Civilians, Schools in Gaza

Education Above All (EAA) Foundation condemned the targeting of civilians, schools and civilian objects in Gaza.

The foundation said in a statement today that 73,539 civilians were displaced in Gaza as a result of shelling and that they are currently seeking shelter, many of them in schools. On 08 October 2023, one UNRWA school sheltering civilians was directly hit by Israeli rocket fire, and three schools were damaged. The foundation stressed the need for an immediate end to these attacks.

The statement noted that, during 2020-21, 420 attacks on, or interferences to, education occurred in Palestine, when bombardments affected over 290 kindergartens, schools, and higher education facilities in Gaza.

It also said that attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure are a serious violation of international humanitarian law, and if deliberate they are war crimes. The Foundation called for justice for victims and an immediate end to the attack on education.

Source: Qatar News Agency