Kanaani: Inhumane approach followed by Israeli entity in Gaza doomed to failure

Tehran, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani has slammed the anti-humanitarian approach followed by the Israeli entity in Gaza, stressing that it is doomed to failure. Commenting on the Israeli occupation entity's excuses for its attack on Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Strip, Kanaani said in a post on 'X' platform 'This is not the first time that the criminal entity has uses deceitful, shabby and hollow pretexts to attack medical centers, with the aim of attacking civilians and completing its project to annihilate the Palestinian people.' The Iranian diplomat added 'At a time when world public opinion has not yet forgotten the scandal caused by the false claims of Zionist officials about al-Shifa Hospital, the Zionists this time attacked Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis with the same deceptive excuses.' He affirmed that this inhumane approach followed by the entity is doomed to failure, and the series of disgrace and shame for the occupation entity and its sponsors are still cont inuing. Source: Syrian Arab News Agency