Qatari Newspapers Editorials -1-

In its editorial on Saturday under the title "Success of the pause, a step towards ending the war," the Al Sharq newspaper stated that the scenes and events of the first day since the start of the humanitarian pause agreement between Israel and Hamas reflected a clear commitment from both sides of the conflict to implement the obligations stipulated in the agreement. The sounds of rockets and gunfire came to a complete stop, and aid convoys began to flow into Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

The paper added that Qatari mediation has brought together many families, succeeded in temporarily stopping the aggression against the Palestinian people, and contributed to alleviating suffering and the humanitarian disaster by channeling aid to the besieged population inside Gaza for more than a month and a half.

The newspaper pointed out that the well-deserved and widespread international praise received by Qatar after its success in breaking through the wall of war in Gaza confirms Doha's vital role as a peacemaker and its significant contributions to advancing efforts for international and regional security and stability, adding that this has earned Qatar a prestigious global position as a trusted mediator by all parties in conflict zones around the world.

It considered the signs of success in implementing the humanitarian pause agreement in Gaza as an important positive step towards mobilizing efforts to achieve more steps, leading to a long-term cessation of hostilities, ending the war, and moving towards a comprehensive and just solution to the Palestinian issue, in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative and international resolutions.

Under the title "A terrifying catastrophe," the newspaper Al Watan stated in its editorial today that the scene of the first day of the humanitarian pause was not a cause for reassurance. The ceasefire revealed the extent of the horrifying massacre committed by the occupying forces, as they continued to destroy hospital facilities to completely take them out of service, particularly the attack on the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, from which they withdrew yesterday after detonating power generators, oxygen pumps, and various medical devices.

The paper added that Palestinians in Gaza witnessed a scene unparalleled in human history, discovering the magnitude of the disaster, crimes, and immense destruction left by the Israeli forces in their residential areas. In addition, there were dozens of decomposed bodies of Palestinians who had been martyred several weeks ago, either during incursion operations or while evacuating from Gaza City to the southern areas of the Strip.

It concluded that this destruction, revealed in the most tragic images, must be a moment for the world to pause and reflect. It should be a shock to anyone with a living conscience. The images that emerged on the first day of the ceasefire clearly indicate, beyond any doubt, the scale of the crime committed there.

Source: Qatar News Agency