Russian journalists underline importance of Syria’s role in the Arab League

The leading role of President Bashar al-Assad resulted in popular victories for Syria in the battels against the terrorist aggression, said Russian political analyst and journalist, Director of the Eurasian Communication Center Aleksey Pilko.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow today, Pilko said that Syria’s return to play its role in the Arab League came against the background of the victories achieved by the Syrian people over terrorism, and it activated the role of the League as a regional center.

The Russian journalist praised the high level of Syrian-Russian relations during the past years, which made the two countries full political and military allies.

He also hailed the distinguished diplomatic activity of Syria during the Arab Summit, which concluded its work in Jeddah last Friday.

In a similar interview, Russian journalist Roman Perevezentsev stressed the importance of Syria’s return to the Arab League, pointing out that the world has become multipolar, cares about its national interests, speaks multiple languages, and is no longer subordinate to the Anglo-Saxon pole.

Perevezentsev expressed the hope that the Arab League would activate Syria’s return to its role as an independent regional political and economic center of power.

The Russian journalist praised the warm welcome that President al-Assad received during his participation in the Arab Summit, considering that this constitutes a clear message to the United States and European countries, which are accustomed to sowing seeds of discord among the peoples of the region.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency