29 People Martyred as Israeli Army Bombards School in Abasan South of Gaza

An Israeli fighter aircraft bombarded an internally-displaced people (IDP) assembly point at Al-Awda School in Abasan town, east of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, resulting in the martyrdom of at least 29 Palestinians. Palestinian officials told local and foreign media on Wednesday that at least 29 civilians, mostly women and children, were martyred in a missile strike launched by the Israeli occupation army's fighter jet, on Tuesday evening, on a conglomeration of dozens of Palestinians who were watching a football match at the school square in Abasan that shelters hundreds of IDPs. The Palestinian government media office in Gaza said the Israeli occupation army brutally massacred IDPs in the school, resulting in 29 martyrs, mostly women and children. The office stated that this mass slaughter is a complementary to the genocide being perpetrated by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people for the tenth consecutive month. The office indicated that the mass slaughter committed by the Israeli o ccupation army is constantly renewed, the last one was during the past hours, and the victims were mostly women and children. The massacre came amid the crumbling health system due to the Israeli offensive, in addition to destroying and setting hospitals ablaze, and rendering them out of service, while medical personnel face an overwhelming pressure, with the remaining surgical operating rooms facing severe shortages of medical supplies. The Israeli onslaught caused the closure of the crossings in front of injured and patients to prevent them from travel, in addition to blocking the entry of fuel supplies, amid a cataclysmic humanitarian and health situation. Source: Qatar News Agency