Northwestern Qatar to Participate in 74th ICA Conference

Doha: Northwestern University in Qatar will participate at the 74th annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), the largest of its kind, gathering more than 4,000 scholars from around the world. The university said in a statement today that 10 faculty and researchers from the Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South (#IAS_NUQ) will be featured at the conference, contributing to a total of 13 sessions and securing 17 individual slots with their selected works. Their presentations will revolve around the conference theme Communication and Global Human Rights and focus on Global South media histories, politics, and other issues, including revolutionary Arab media and youth and digital infrastructure in Africa. As part of the conference, the university said it will organize a panel examining digital life, tools, and experiences across InterAsia, contributing to current debates on "Southern Digitalities," a research theme for #IAS_NUQ. It will also co-sponsor two pre-conferen ces: "Repressed Histories of Communication and Media Studies" and "Arab Communications Studies: Towards A Renewed Research Agenda." "The ICA conference is a platform for global knowledge sharing and, most importantly, for Northwestern Qatar, an opportunity to amplify the Global South perspective in media and communication studies, a field that has been historically dominated by Western paradigms," said Kraidy. "We are pleased our faculty, researchers, and students will make a substantive scholarly contribution, including our two promising undergraduate students, Abenezer and In'utu, demonstrating the high level of scholarly acumen and creativity that we nurture," Northwestern Qatar Dean and CEO Marwan Kraidy said. ICA aims to advance the scholarly study of human communication by encouraging and facilitating excellence in academic research worldwide. This years ICA conference will be held in Gold Coast, Australia, from Jun. 20 - 24. Source: Qatar News Agency