Qatar Participates in Extraordinary Session of Council of Arab Health Ministers

Doha, - The State of Qatar participated today in the meeting of the extraordinary session of the Council of Arab Health Ministers, which was held via video communication technology.

The State of Qatar's delegation to the meeting was headed by HE Minister of Public Health Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari.

The Council of Arab Health Ministers discussed the difficult health and humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories, and issued a statement in this regard, condemning the ongoing brutal Israeli war crimes and massacres in the Gaza Strip, stressing the need to immediately stop the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, and warning of the catastrophic humanitarian and health repercussions as this genocide continues.

The Council of Arab Health Ministers called on the international community to assume its responsibilities to stop these brutal massacres, open safe and sustainable humanitarian corridors to ensure the access and flow of humanitarian and relief aid, and put pressure on the occupying powers to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, protect civilians, health teams, health facilities, shelter centers and places of worship, and allow immediate and urgent delivery of fuel to hospitals, health centers and ambulances.

The meeting also discussed a number of health issues scheduled to be submitted to the upcoming Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, including preparing an Arab strategy on developing school and university health, investing in human resources, increasing financial spending in the health sector, supporting and strengthening mental health, and the issue of Arab agency for medicine.

Source: Qatar News Agency