Zakharova: Kiev regime’s attempts to exploit children’s hospital tragedy for propaganda purposes affirm its inhumane nature

Moscow, Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, affirmed on Tuesday that Ukrainian regime' attempts to use the tragedy of children' hospital in Kiev for propaganda purposes confirm its inhuman and Nazi nature. 'For the sake of preserving power, the Kiev regime is ready for commit any crimes. It is indifferent to the fate and lives of its citizens, including children as it uses the civilians as human shields which violates all the human laws that prohibit the use of civilians for military purposes,' Russian news agency Sputnik quoted Zakharova as saying. Zakharova added that strikes which were conducted by Russian forces on Ukrainian military facilities had come in response to Ukrainian army' attempts hitting enterprises of the Russian economic complexes. Yesterday, Russian Defense Ministry dismissed statements about deliberate strikes against civilian targets in Ukraine as incorrect. Source: Syrian Arab News Agency